Consulting Services

As an extension of your Human Resources and Finance department, our role is to consult on all aspects of your Employee Benefit, Retirement and Wellness plans. We do the heavy lifting on your behalf and deliver the necessary solutions to optimize results benefiting both the employee and employer.

Strategic Review

A plan that was the right fit with 10 employees may not be at 100 or 1,000 employees. We will conduct an analysis of all aspects of an existing plan and put forth recommendations on where any shortfalls or gaps exist.

Market Analysis

With access to the entire Canadian marketplace, we are agnostic and not tied to any one specific provider. Our goal is always to find the best solution for the employer. The reason? The best solution for the employer is always the best solution for us.

Plan Launch & Implementation

We started this with you, so it is only right that we finish it with you. With any transition in providers, amendments to coverage, acquisition of a business, etc., we will take the lead and be an integral part of the process.

Communication Platform

Communication is key. There is a tremendous amount of effort put in to implementing a new product or making a change in coverage. We will design a communication strategy to ensure the intended message is delivered in the proper manner for the desired result.

Annual Renewal Review

As your intermediary, we will manage the analysis of the annual renewal process and negotiate on your behalf any rate and plan actions proposed by the insurer. We will ensure that the end result is first and foremost fair and equitable for you.

Executive Benefits

With any employee benefit program, it will be designed to effectively serve the needs of the majority but there is potential it will underserve an executive’s needs. We will tailor programs for an executive class on a group and/or individual basis.


U.S. & International Benefit Consulting

Leveraging a 20+ year partnership with a U.S. based national consulting firm, we can accommodate the needs for employee populations both in the U.S. and abroad for employee benefits, retirement and wellness initiatives.